Hiraya Manawari Video Series By Various Publishers

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Hiraya Manawari Video Series

By : Various Publishers

Hiraya Manawari Video Series By Various Publishers

"So let your dreams come true!" This is what Hirayamanawari means.

Every Hiraya episode is a journey into a magical land.

Sometimes the journey means meeting mythical creatures like the Mayenad, or battling evil forces from the back of Grasya, the flying dragon.

Sometimes the journey takes place in "the real world" where kids have real problems, like Boy Astig who did not get the part he wanted in the school play, or Kela who felt her father did not love her.

But whether the story happens in a fantastic or a real world, Hirayamanawari always leads to a place where the light of truth, the warmth of hope, the cloak of courage, and the magic of love prove that you can let your dreams come true!

These extraordinary tales aim to inculcate in our children a distinct sense of Filipino values.

In Filipino.

Price : 7,700.00

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Hiraya Manawari Video Series

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