Dreamweavers (Hardbound) By Various Publishers

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Dreamweavers (Hardbound)

By : Various Publishers

Dreamweavers (Hardbound) By Various Publishers
Item #: 9715694071

The book features the legendary dreamweaver called Tínalak, a dazzling works of art by the Tíboli weavers of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, who gracefully work the abaca, transforming dreams both past and present, into wondrous works of indigenous art.

Contains photographs of a priceless collection of woven textiles. The Tíboli weavers created these designs acquired from patterns made by earlier generations and from the recollection of a dream.

These tínalak clothes are donated to the National Museum as part of their permanent collection of Philippine weave.

Price : £3,136.00

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Dreamweavers (Hardbound)

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