Games Filipinos Play By Anvil Publishing

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Games Filipinos Play

By : Anvil Publishing

Games Filipinos Play By Anvil Publishing
Item #: 9712723421

Games Filipinos Play is a journey to the past and a peek at the future. For the old, playing native games is an exhilarating return to one’s youth. For the young, it is simply a bridge to being a citizen with a sound mind in a sound body. The book is a valuable reference for Physical education teachers and grade school teachers who can use games and activities in classroom instruction.

Everyone, at every age, enjoy watching, much more playing, Pinoy games. After all, it is a wholesome vehicle for physical fitness and a great practical lesson on Filipino culture and heritage. But children today seem to have lost that connection to the outside world. They spend most of their time in front of laptops, desktop computers, or game consoles.

Price : £368.75

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Games Filipinos Play

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