A Political Journey By Anvil Publishing

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A Political Journey

By : Anvil Publishing

A Political Journey By Anvil Publishing
Item #: 9712721137

“There are positions in politics and in life that people of principle must never compromise, no matter how difficult or dangerous these may be. Now I tell everyone in this book the life that I lived, and a little bit of Philippine history as I saw it. And in this life, I meant every word and deed, and I have not regretted any of it. Being consistently in the opposition has never been an issue for me. For as long as all Filipinos benefit from it, and the greatest good of the country demands it, I will say it and do it; let history be my witness. If I were to live my life again, I will live it exactly as I did. . . I will still do it my way.”

Price : £1,062.50

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A Political Journey

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