Rizal and Heroic Traditions By New Day Publishers

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Rizal and Heroic Traditions

By : New Day Publishers

Rizal and Heroic Traditions By New Day Publishers
Item #: 9711011476

This collection of essays comes in two parts.

Part I consists of essays on Rizal, history, governance, education and culture. Some of these have been published in various Philippine newspapers or delivered as speeches to celebrate special events.

Part II consists of personal essays about a childhood spent in Mercado, a barrio of Hagonoy, Bulacan. At first glance, the collection seems to tread two disparate grounds–Part I deals with larger, more topical concerns; Part II dwells on a smaller, autobiographical plane.

But because the mind is capable of crossing the dimensions of time, because it contains everything at once–past, present, future and the gray areas in between–the two parts actually emerge from the same roots.

The book derives its title from the lead essay, “Rizal and Heroic Traditions: A Sense of National Destiny,” which is also the thematic thread that connects all the essays in Part I.

Why Rizal, why heroic traditions, why national destiny? Because the times summon them.

Price : £696.00

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Rizal and Heroic Traditions

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