Mangyan Survival Strategies By New Day Publishers

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Mangyan Survival Strategies

By : New Day Publishers

Mangyan Survival Strategies By New Day Publishers
Item #: 9711011123

A study on Mangyan survival strategies featuring the various exploitations of an originally Mangyan territory –Mindoro as well as the Mangyan themselves.

Originally they populated the Mindoro island scattered in the mountains.

Various migrations drove them up and up the hills–and simultaneous with their passive resistance, the land of Mindoro lost its abundant natural resources to poor stewardship by other Filipino settlers and foreign interests starting from the Spaniards and on to the Americans, the Japanese and finally the untouchable landlords.

The study features statistics and maps–the first to show how the Mangyans became a minority and the latter to show how Mindoro lost its forest cover.

Price : £768.50

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Mangyan Survival Strategies

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