The Survivors By UST Publishing House

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The Survivors

By : UST Publishing House

The Survivors By UST Publishing House
Item #: 9715066082

Set in Zamboanga at the height of World War II, The Survivors casts a different light on the horrors of war by transplanting a colorful cast of characters men, women, and children, civilians, politicians and soldiers, Filipinos, indigenous people and Japanese from common scenes of razed villages and blitzkrieg skies to a vast and unknown forest, in which they face the dangers of the jungle, Japanese atrocities, U.S. air raids, starvation and cannibalism, and strange half-human, half-animal creatures: the river people and the cliff-dwellers. Toeing the line between morality and monstrosity, savagery and survival, they learn what it means to love and to forgive and ultimately, be human in dark and trying times.

Price : 435.00

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The Survivors

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