Super Panalo Sounds By UST Publishing House

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Super Panalo Sounds

By : UST Publishing House

Super Panalo Sounds By UST Publishing House
Item #: 9715065979

Super Panalo Sounds! is the first novel by award-winning writer Lourd de Veyra, who is also the main man for the rock band Radioactive Sago Project. This book takes us on the rough-and-tumble journey of the greatest band you never heard, a story of drugs, rock and roll, and the depths of the human soul. We witness both the exhilaration and the ravages wrought by the rock scene.

Tracing Pinoy rock history while creating its own alternative mythos, where rock gods walk on water, bands record mythical albums and then vanish from the scene, and kids from Projects 2-3 can change the world with music, Super Panalo Sounds! is a mind-opening, mind-altering cautionary tale of how high and how low you can go when you’re rocking rolling.

Price : £290.00

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Super Panalo Sounds

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