Innovations in Lacrimal Surgery By UST Publishing House

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Innovations in Lacrimal Surgery

By : UST Publishing House

Item #: 9715066310

The book targets ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists, whether Consultant general practitioners or specialists, as well as oculoplastic surgeons, residents or fellows in training, who are interested in or concentrating on lacrimal surgery techniques that can maximize radiofrequency as an adjunct. It is a compendium of the authors’ experiences in the use of radiofrequency, endoscopes and silicone stents for operations on the lacrimal outflow system from endoscopic radiofrequency-assisted DCR (ERA-DCR) to mini-incision DCR, and eventually to endoscopic lacrimal duct recanalization (ELDR) using miniature endoscopes.

Price : £1,740.00

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Innovations in Lacrimal Surgery

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