Experience English, Grade 7 By Ateneo de Manila University Press

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Experience English, Grade 7

By : Ateneo de Manila University Press

Item #: 9715505505

An English Language textbook series meant to develop the pupilsí speaking, listening, reading, writing, and thinking skills for learning and communicating. It is a complete set of materials designed for all grade levels from Prep to Grade 7 unified by certain general themes: environment; science and technology; health habits; ethnic groups; customs, traditions, symbols; heritage; the arts; media; hobbies; and social justice. It teaches both formal and informal ways of speaking and writing through dialogues, communicative tasks, and other exercises. It uses materials that are present in various levels to accommodate different abilities and needs. The texts instill awareness of the pupilsí social milieu and promote positive values and appreciation for our society and culture. All in all, Experience English is a potent tool to build up the pupilsí self-confidence when using English for communication, and is designed to equip them with skills for the many tasks of contemporary life.

Price : £478.50

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Experience English, Grade 7

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