Hoard of Thunder (1990-2000) Volume I By UP Press

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Hoard of Thunder (1990-2000) Volume I

By : UP Press

Hoard of Thunder (1990-2000) Volume I By UP Press
Item #: 9715426985

Hoard of Thunder, together with Upon Our Own Ground (2008) and Underground Spirit (2010), completes the six-volume historical anthology series on our short stories over 1956 to 2008. The Introduction to Hoard of Thunder is an overview essay on our short fiction since 1925 to the present.

Throughout the series, the stories forge from English our writers’ imagination of our own historical experience as a people: how we Filipinos think and feel about our world and so, justify the way we live.

We are our own best critics and interpreters because we stand upon our own ground— our culture, our history, our day-to-day living.

Whatever form the story takes, realist or nonrealist, you are moved by its image of a lifetime or a moment lived that the story’s words have evocatively forged; that image sums up and makes into a whole the story’s meaningfulness by which its form has been achieved.

That meaningfulness too is what raises the story to the universal plane of human experience— not the realm of eternal verities, but rather the site of everlasting quest and questioning.

Whatever the future holds for our country’s literature in English (in Filipino as well, and in other Philippine languages), there can be no doubt as to its continuing vigor in craftsmanship and innovation in light of, and also despite, every theory or critical orientation, because the writer will always cherish above all his freedom against any imposition of a theoretical standpoint or ideological bias in matters of content and vision.

His craft is his own to cultivate and refine; he makes his own clearing within a given historical language.

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Hoard of Thunder (1990-2000) Volume I

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