Foundation Course in College Chemistry By UP Press

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Foundation Course in College Chemistry

By : UP Press

Foundation Course in College Chemistry By UP Press
Item #: 9715426817

College freshman students pursuing different career courses (engineering, science, health, teacher education, or general education courses) need a strong foundation in chemistry on which to build their future learning. This book aims to cultivate in these students both functional and conceptual literacy in chemistry, learning not only its language and vocabulary, but more importantly, its conceptual schemes and organizing principles, such as the Atomic Theory, the Periodic Law, the Kinetic Molecular Theory, and the Laws of Thermodynamics.

To develop procedural literacy, students are honed on the scientific processes and methods that scientists employ in searching for new information. The multidimensional aspect of scientific literacy, such as chemistry in a social context, is emphasized by citing familiar examples in the home, local community, and the Philippine environment. Local, regional, and global science-related societal issues are discussed at appropriate points to elucidate applicable chemistry principles and concepts. A variety of instructional strategies, such as self-assessment questions to test self-learning and e-assignments to extend learning beyond the classroom, is adopted.

Price : 797.50

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Foundation Course in College Chemistry

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