Archaeology and Emerging Kabikolan By UP Press

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Archaeology and Emerging Kabikolan

By : UP Press

Archaeology and Emerging Kabikolan By UP Press
Item #: 9715426947

What is Bikol archaeology? Is it simply an inventory of finds, a list of sites, or a display of artifacts in a museum? Is it only a narration of events, a culture-historical sequence of human progress in the region? And, if there is such a thing as Bikol archaeology, how does it relate to the archaeology of the rest of the Philippines?

Answering this question entails examining not only the archaeological record of the region, but synthesizing it with the historical, ethnohistoric, and ethnographic roots of “Bikol” in its different constructs—as a place name, as a language, as an ethnicity. The archaeological picture that emerges is one that is inextricable from contemporary heritage—not just description, but reflection—which results in enriched understandings of Bikolano cultural practices through time.

This book is relevant for anthropologists and archaeologists looking for novel ways by which to appreciate the deeper past of a contemporary Philippine region, as well as those seeking to develop regional archaeological studies. More importantly, it is relevant to today's Bikolanos by presenting a more well-rounded reckoning of their identity's past and directions for the future.

Price : £580.00

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Archaeology and Emerging Kabikolan

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